Local Events

Antiques Markets

3rd Sunday of the Month Nizza Monferrato holds a monthly Anitques and Brick-a-Brack market in the main piazza Garibaldi.

4th Sunday of the Month Asti’s monthly antiques market

Underground Cathedrals of Canelli


The underground sparking wine cantinas of Canelli are so spectacular have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites, From April til September every 4th Saturday of the month, the Gancia wine cellars are open to visitors.


1st Saturday of May Vinchio  historical re-enactment of the Saracen occupation of the village.

1st Sunday of May Vinchio Asparagus Festival – Delicious!

2nd Saturday and Sunday of May Nizza Monferrato Barbera Wine Festival

3rd Weekend of May, Festa di Barbera in Montegrosso d’Asti

Last weekend of May Wine Cantinas everywhere in the region have open days.


Corsa delle Botti, Nizza Monferatto – The Great Barrel Race

Corse di Botti, Nizza Monferrato
Corsa delle Botti, Nizza Monferrato

2nd Weekend in June, with the final race being held on the Sunday afternoon. In 2016 it is running 11-12th June.

3rd weekend of June, Seige of Canelli – Amazing historical re-enactment of the seige of Canelli including the storming of the castle and the street signs covered up by hessian cloth and hay bails everywhere in the historic centre of the town.

Canelli siegeCanelli Soldiers

4th Sunday in June Antique Car Rally Asti


2nd Saturday of July, Incisa Scapacino Historic re-enactment of battle between Oddone d’Incisa and William IX Marchese del Monferrato.


3rd Saturday of July Castel Rocchero, Enogastronomic walks through vineyards at twilight, to book a place Tel 0141760132

Montaldo Scarampi festival has the most picturesque communal dinning under the stars with panoramic views to the Alps and dance bands held for 4 consecutive nights on the village Tamburello Court, culminating in the grand final of the Tamburello championship on the Sunday afternoon played using large tamborine type bats to hit a very hard ball down an enormous court, not too dissimilar to pelot.


2nd Friday/Saturday/Sunday of September is the Douja D’Or wine festival followed by the Sagre Food Festival in historic costumes.

3rd Sunday of September Asti Palio – Older than the more famous Siena Palio and a wonder to behold.


Alba International Truffle Fair 8th Oct – 20th Nov

Truffle Hunting

3rd Sunday in October Mombercelli’s very own Truffle Festival held in the main Piazza Gardibaldi. Prices of Truffle bought here will be cheaper than in Alba.

2nd Weekend of October Barbaresco Wine Festival

Last Sunday of October Incisa Scapacino Truffle Festival


1st Sunday of November Truffle Fair Nizza Monferrato

2nd Sunday of November End of Alba International Truffle Fair

2nd Sunday of November Canelli Truffle Fair

3rd Weekend Asti Truffle Fair

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