The Story

Family Portrait
David is an opera singing business consultant, and I am a textile designer. Elsa and Zach are both in school, and love being bilingual in English and Italian.

We fell in love with the Cascina Del Forno when we bought it in 2005. We moved lock, stock and barrel from the UK to Mombercelli in order to undertake and enjoy the restoration of  2/3 of the farmhouse and adjoining barns as well as landscaping the garden. Enrolling the children in the local school, we immersed ourselves in the wonderful local culture and began to learn Italian. The building project became a labour of love and we hope that you will enjoy its blend of restoration and modern design features, brought to life by our wonderful Italian architects Gavinell Archtettura. We have filled the house with original works of art, craft objets, simple yet comfortable furniture including antiques, and modern design classics. The garden is full of aromatic plants and herbs. We hope you will enjoy sharing our Home in Italy. Here are some before and after shots showing the evolution of the renovation.

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